Support of import transactions turnkey

Full support of import transactions from the search for a turnkey supplier to the refund of VAT (for import of goods to the Russian Federation from China Chinese supplier)

Often, when importing Chinese goods to Russia or the Chinese producers are not able to reclaim VAT, or do not say about such possible buyers, in this and in another case, shifting the tax burden on buyers and overstating the value of goods.

We can arrange import transaction in such a way to provide a VAT refund to the Chinese supplier (VAT rate in China is 17%, in most cases, tax is reimbursed at a rate of 50%, depending on the types of products and the credibility of the factory.

How useful this service to Russian buyers?

  1. 1. You can get a discount from the factory to the amount of VAT refund (or you can get a discount from factory-seller in the amount of 50% of the amount of VAT refund)
  2. 2. You will receive a discount on the services of the company Vyatshy, in the amount of VAT refund (or 50% of the amount of VAT refund)
  3. 3. You get into your account 50% of the VAT refund

Note: Import each project is unique, the amount of recoverable VAT becomes clear after the determination of a group of imported goods, as well as the data factory manufacturer is