Our experts have extensive experience in the various jurisdictions, so decide not only local problems but also major problems related to the company's strategic development and business vision in the international market.
Public law

Public law


Company registration abroad
Selection of the optimal tax jurisdiction
Administration of companies abroad
Consultation on the Law of country of incorporation
Preparation / support of international agreements


Preparation of contracts related to maritime transport, purchase and sale, renting vessels
Consultation on marine contracts, with an emphasis on the risks of charterers and / or ship owners
Maritime insurance of vessels, responsibility charterers / owners, cargo insurance
Consignments: risks, clauses
Handling dispute resolution and claims on behalf of the charterers, cargo owners, ship owners
Maintenance arbitral cases in London and Singapore
Registration in the administration of the flag of the vessel, change of ship owners
The investigation in respect of debts through the courts
Sokolov Sergey
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