We provide a variety of benefits for our customers, who depend on the status.

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  • Customs official representative in the Urals Federal District, the Federal Customs Service Certificate № 0711/00 from 30.03.2015 "Inclusion in customs representatives register ";
  • Our responsibility is insured for 50 million rubles in the leading insurance companies ;
  • Freight forwarder's liability is insured by the largest international society of mutual insurance TT Club with insurance coverage 250,000 USD;
  • All documentation is controlled by triple documentation procedure;
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of any information passing through our specialists through carefully crafted algorithms work with commercial information;
  • Development of individual strategy for insurance of currency risks;
  • Search and testing of potential counterparties abroad;
  • Free customs clearance of goods which are not subject to VAT, at the conclusion of the agreement on complex delivery of all your produce;
  • Free services for VAT refunds for exported goods;
  • Free development and maintenance of foreign economic contract, signing a contract for a comprehensive supply of all your produce;
  • Due to the considerable costs on carriers, we have significantly save our costs, which ultimately has a positive effect on the final price for the customer.

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