Dashboard. Service Description

Personal Account - a tool created by the specialists of VYATSHY for the rapid provision of information about your shipments to «Online» mode 24 hours a day.

My Account - is:


You have round the clock access to the documentation and information on current transactions.

Easy To access the Members Area You do not need to install on your computer any additional funds, using a simple web browser with SSL support.


about your supply data is stored on our server and are transmitted over a secure encrypted connection, therefore, may not be available to anyone else.

"Vyatshy" The company is an innovator in the market of logistics services, we are working every day to improve our online services, which are exclusively designed and have no analogues

Already using personal account, you can:

  • • Be aware of existing shares and special-offers.
  • • Obtain information about the status of your shipments in the Online mode.
  • • Get the full information about your personal manager.
  • • Get information about your cumulative discount.
  • • Download the full documentation for your supplies.
  • • Monitor the payment of invoices.
  • • Send complaints and suggestions directly to the Director General.

The team of VYATSHY for a long time worked hard to do the job in a private office more convenient and intuitive. All your comments, requests and suggestions you can send through the interface a private office at the address: bx.viatshiy.com