Risk - a noble cause? Currently, many people want to work for themselves, creating their own business. Start a business is fairly easy, but the statistics for the first three years of the business is falling apart. This happens for many reasons, not thought out development strategy, human resources, crisis, or even a human bad luck.


This can be avoided and solutions to difficult situations countless - to each his own. But ... there is a universal suitable to everyone - it is insurance. Today it is possible to insure not only the cars, apartments and villas, but also responsibility.

Many top managers and managers with experience will appreciate the opportunity to be safe and risky project that may result in "take-off to heaven" or "collapse", huge debts and campaign to the doctor eventually become available safe and sensible solution.

Basic insurance products

Cargo Insurance
Insurance of ground transport (except for money w / d transport)
Insurance of railway transport
Insurance of air transport
Insurance of water transport
Property insurance legal entities (except for vehicles and agricultural insurance)
Insurance business risks
Insurance of financial risks

Specialists of "Viatshiy" provides insurance product "turnkey". We will help you make the right decision about the necessity of insurance for you, choose the insurance product and calculate the profitability of insurance. And in the case of dispute - settle disputes and come to a mutually beneficial solution.

Our advantages:

In addition, Ltd. "Viatshiy" offers additional services for insurance lines:

Chebikin Dmitriy
Our responsibility is insured for 50 million rubles.