Cargo insurance.

LLC "Vyatshy" offers cooperation in terms of cargo insurance as a separate "product", and in the package offer for transport and customs clearance.

This type of insurance is designed for owners of various goods of different nomenclature number carried in a variety of route directions and different modes of transport:
  1. - road;
  2. - aircraft;
  3. - marine;
  4. - river;
  5. - rail;
  6. - mixed species.
and to compensate for losses arising from damage or loss of cargo, regardless of the presence or absence of the carrier's fault.

The insurance covers damage to all or part of the insured cargo to or loss of cargo, occurred as a result of accidents and dangers transportation, explosion or fire on a vehicle collision or the collapse of the ship or boat, throwing cargo overboard, theft, robbery, depending on the amount of insurance coating. Subject to compensation for losses caused by damage or destruction of the goods, the costs of salvage or repair damaged goods, the costs of the examination.

We suggest you issue the policy for a single shipment, which is made on the basis of an insurance application and is used in case of single shipments of various types of cargo.

Low cost insurance rate, which is set depending on the characteristics of the upcoming shipment of insurance conditions, type of cargo and its packaging, transportation routes, the presence of congestion, the cost of cargo traffic, the availability of protection and support of cargoes and other factors, allows us to offer our clients the best favorable terms of insurance. Sale of an insurance product is not for us to gain profit. We offer cooperation at the level of the cost of insurance rate insurance companies with whom LLC "Vyatshy" has a general contract.