Freight is one of the main activities of the company "Viatshiy." Because of the nature of cargo, size of shipment and the route of our specialists will develop the most rational scheme of delivery of cargo, will offer the most convenient port for the handling of your goods.


We take the maritime transport thoughtfully and professionally. Our partners are not just a service for the carriage, and a full service class. We position ourselves as a company, which put the client's interests above all else, even above our financial interest.

Each application is treated individually and offer the most convenient and favorable conditions, including individual prices and lines of credit.

Services for chartering ships we provide in different types:

The broker

Search for vessels for the transportation of goods to / from the ports of all regions of the world, open to navigation.

Our freight management at the request of the client coming to the market, well known to us, knowing where and how the fleet is located. Find a court, appropriate to the requirements of the client. From a certain number of vessels managers choose the most convenient and cost efficient option, prepare a preliminary agreement. After confirming his client, chartered the vessel. At the same time care of the preparation and coordination of charters and terms of freight we undertake.

Search for cargo ships of customers opening in all regions of the world.

On the same lines, our experts examining transport market, can offer cargo shipowners options based on seasonal and geographic market needs or to offer a more complex scheme, which includes two or more consecutive voyages, which eventually will be completed with a positive balance.

The operator

Handling vessels customers in full, from commercial to technical management.

Our operators will ensure that all the requirements of customers, saving them from having to spend time and effort to ensure traffic. Working in close collaboration with the Department of freight operators provide the most optimal and profitable routes traffic will help to develop measures to save fuel, based on the current technical condition of the vessel and the region of navigation, provide ice wiring and solve all problems associated with entry into port and cargo operations .

The customer will see any operations the vessel will be able at any time to control the flight.

Organization of armed guards to pass through the pirate zone.

Working in cooperation with well-known security companies, we will provide selection, delivery on board and ashore at the end of the operation, reliable armed security, reduce risk and time spent waiting for the military convoys.

how company

Purchase / sale of ships

With a number of direct contacts with ship owners, shipyards and SNP-brokers, we will help clients make all operations on purchase and sale of vessels, while providing legal support, we perform technical inspection of the vessel and prior to closing the deal will bring in one of our offices in Asia or Europe.

Provision of survey of loading / unloading

We will provide training surveyor certificates fuel load condition of the ship and others. Our company has entered into agreements with leading global surveying organizations and private companies, and flexible in order to maximize compliance with the objectives, needs and possibilities of customers.

Organization crewing

Our company will help customers choose the crews from both the Russian sailors and foreign, depending on the requirements and possibilities of the client. We work with a number of crewing companies, so we can provide the most extensive database, ratings.

Organization of insurance of ships / cargoes

Our experts will advise and offer the most suitable insurance, depending on the client's objectives. For ship owners, we offer direct access to the largest insurance companies.

How bunker traders

Supply ships with fuel

Our traders in Asia and Europe to help clients find the highest quality fuel for their vessels to more than 50 ports around the world at the best price. The wishes of each client will be considered individually, as we work with suppliers directly.

Legal Partner

Legal support for the position of customers in the event of maritime brand.

Legal support is up to the London arbitration. In many cases, experience shows that all disputes are resolved at the level of the freight operator, accompanying the deal. Even assuming that you only need a lawyer who knows the international law, because you have not got a high-quality freight services.

In our company you can find everything you need, including the advice of leading lawyers with years of experience.

Our advantages in matters of charter

The favorable geographical position
Chartering our office is located in one of the world's largest trading hub - Hong Kong. Thanks to a successful strategically placed offices, our employees are constantly in the thick of things in the freight market and will be able to quickly and efficiently respond to any wishes of our partners.
Information from the "first hand"
Our company is a member of the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, we have direct access to a large number of analytical and statistical data obtained from the first hand to the largest and the booming Asian market. As a full participant in this market, taking advantage of the Exchange, we offer customers the opportunity to plunge into the flow of events and take advantage of the most current and exclusive analytical information, as well as a huge number of suggestions and cargo ships in the Asian region and worldwide. And in addition, close ties with agents in various ports around the world allow us to get the most current information on the status of ships under our control.
Experience and professionalism
We were able to assemble a team of professionals with expertise on a variety of markets, both geographically as well as in a commercial sense. Our managers have worked successfully in the European and Asian companies with vessels of different types and tonnage. And our operators will help partners win every mile and transition costs every cent.
Providing fuel resources
Our staff will be able to find fuel in any port in the world at any time, at the lowest price.
Specialists of "Viatshiy" ARE always ready for constructive dialogue and the search for profitable customer relationships. Contact us, and we will surprise you with its competence and quality of service.
Sokolov Sergey
Our responsibility is insured for 50 million rubles.