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LLC "Viatshiy" is a successfully developing company providing services in the field of foreign trade, logistics, freight and customs services, the development of export and import businesses.

We offer:

  • 1.       Certified Product release dates - the key to your confidence in the absence of delays in customs clearance;
  • 2.       Credit standing and reliable partners;
  • 3.       In-house logistic tools aimed at improving the profitability of operations and increase the legal security;
  • 4.       The ability to import goods into the territory of the Customs Union without pre-payment of customs duties, taxes and fees;
  • 5.       Pre-submission of declaration - to avoid inspection and inspection on arrival of the goods and, therefore, cost reduction;
  • 6.       The use of various financial schemes of payments to suppliers: letter of credit, factoring schemes and the use of foreign exchange risk insurance and other

The main services of the Civil Code "Vyatshy" include:

  • 1.       The organization and support of foreign trade activities - a comprehensive approach to the outsourcing of foreign trade activity of the company, depending on its needs: from design allowing documents to the organization of transport logistics;
  • 2.       Delivery of goods (including prefabricated) - the sea, w \ d, road transport, organization of export and import turnover;
  • 3.       Consulting services for traders : consultation and public events from leading lecturers
  • 4.       Chartering ships

To export and import activities of our clients was really comfortable, and the risks are reduced to a minimum, we offer a range of additional services:

  • -       Insurance of the freight and transport - the analysis of the set of proposals and selection of the optimal and appropriate in your case, the guarantee under the contract payments;
  • -       currency risks Insurance - the change of the dollar or the euro will no longer affect the financial stability of your company;
  • -       Respite provider of payment (L / C) - Use the working capital and supply Payment is new to RF calculation tool (a term of - up to 180 days);
  • -       own personal on-line customer account allows you to always, no matter where you are, to track the progress of operations, to receive documents, to monitor the process of delivery of goods and communicate with a personal client manager in the Online mode.
Group "Vyatshy" company - a comprehensive approach to the outsourcing of foreign trade, the excellent service and excellent reputation of the Authorized Economic Operator.

Message from the Director of "Viatshiy"

In our dynamic world it takes a lot of changes in the political, social and economic life. Conjunctural runs increase their turnovers, and we try to observe them and try to draw the correct conclusions f o incoming information flow that different sources broadcast.

The perception of a changing world gives to see that the administrative resource plays a significant l role in the creation of a model of the business processes in our country, and the imminent wave of the mutation of the financial structure and globalization in the main economic areas moves through the world. It is very important to emphasize the following items on the agenda: foreign and domestic policy, economics, finance, law.

It is quite important to make right decisions without any doubts.

The world and domestic investment atmosphere is changing. Business environment forms the sober attitude to the business processes and to understanding the quality of services. It is important to monitor this fact. The majority of consumers trying to orient to European standards of service. They are waiting the same for their opponents to any form of relationships in business. We want to succeed in this cycle factors and not to forget about the our core business! At least, you can come to such thoughts, reading the first two paragraphs of this appeal. Every unappreciated error that could lead to inevitable consequences in the form of significant reputational and financial costs.

Therefore, any person who is the generator of any workflow, it is important to keep in mind these trends, making high-quality solutions on time. We remember our achievements and mistakes, we know what is good and what is bad, we take the world for what it is, without spending extra forces to implement structural changes in the designated areas, as these functions are not in our competence. As part of our competence, it is necessary to implement a comprehensive tracking of information, choose the important, to make conclusions, so we know exactly where we should move to our development and improvement.

In our work, we spend an enormous amount of energy to operate allowing ourselves to live under the slogan that the highest priority for us is building clear, transparent, comprehensive and comfortable working relationship with the client or partner.

Dear friends. If you have poor quality services, or had some other problems, write about it in the form below. We'll review your message and take appropriate action.

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